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Metro UI template

Build Windows 8 style websites, with ease


» Tiles

You can create a whole tile by just using a piece of PHP code. There are lots of tiles. Check out this website and the Demo page to see more tiles. Some tiles: slideshow tiles, live tiles, flipping tiles (image on the one side, flips to text when hovering), image tiles, ...

» Download plugins

...and extend functionality. More plugins coming soon. Plugins are available on the forum for donating members only

Some cool examples are the sidepanels, accordions (for an example, see the Tutorial page), new tile types, a Lightbox plugin, a jQueryUI theme...

» Theming

Easily adapt the template to your style. Almost all the CSS style elements are combined in one file. Using Firebug or Chrome's Developer Console, you can theme this template easily.

Check out some existing themes here

» Using modern technology

Like CSS3 animations (with jQuery fallbacks for older browsers!), jQuery 2.0
Tested in IE8/9/10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Opera and works perfectly

The built-in compressing system combines all the javascript and CSS files in 1 file and strips out comments, to optimize loading times


SEO optimized AJAX pages (using the Google Specifications)

» Mobile ready

Check the Mobile version with automatic mobile detection.
The mobile website doesn't require Javascript to work

» Requirements

You need a server with PHP 5.3+, and very basic knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS and javascript. This templating framework has no real GUI to edit menus / pages, so you have to know how to use html syntax in pages (for including images, titles, bold text) and very basic PHP (just filling in some parameters!!) for setting up the tiles. If you're unsure your capabilities are enough, try the free lite version on the download page.

» And more...

Discover the other features on this website, or the Demo page

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