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#1 02-05-2013 19:54:07

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Sites with a cascade structure

Hi there!
What is the best way to build up sites with a cascaded structure?
I will explain with more details:
Lest suppose that the site's first level contains some tiles grouped in couple of groups, I'd like to open new groups of new tiles if user clicks on one of tiles or buttons.
I could build a whole site for each level, like: - site root (first level) - the new group of new tiles mentioned above (so I will need to install and configure a complete Metro UI site in this folder).
And so on....

I really don't like this approach. Probably I need to modify the config/tiles.php file to achieve the generation of tiles depending on a section user reached now. But in this case I will need to specify the section by using of post parameters like "/?sectoin_id=section_id".

Is there any better solution?


#2 02-05-2013 20:03:06

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Re: Sites with a cascade structure

I'd look to this:

But there are drawbacks; group titles can't be set different for each "section" and the number of groups is also the same for all "sections". But maybe the features can be expanded by modifying the plugin.


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