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#1 28-05-2013 19:27:59

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Play music online in metro UI

Hello everyone we all are here because we all are working with this awesome Metro UI. Thanks to Thomas and his team
for creating this amazing design...and support for work is great thomas helped us a lot.

This project is for all Music lovers  we hope you all will love it...

just have a look and tell us what else we can do or is there something we missing

Here is the link  Stringloop - Plays any song from planet earth

Once  again thanks a lot Thomas we really appreciate your work and your support. With the help of this theme we achieved what we wanted.

NOTE - Please share it if you like it.


#2 28-05-2013 19:50:55

From: Cuiabá Brasil
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Re: Play music online in metro UI

its great!


#3 28-05-2013 19:56:48

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Re: Play music online in metro UI

Indeed, nice site.

Just some notes: I'd remove the grouptitles. Or at least change them in just "I" and "II" , "III", "IV", "V", "VI"....
If you make the page smaller, the tiles get really big. So I'd set the default size of the tiles to something smaller. But it also seems that some tiles have problems and cause overlapping. Maybe you should turn off tile rearringing.


#4 30-05-2013 20:00:14

From: in a shipyard
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Re: Play music online in metro UI

Amazing website, spend some time on it, thank you for your work
Found some frustrating issues: "Hide" button for playlist is hard to see at first use of the website, animation of the themes menu move too much down hiding last 2 themes, better formating for the text (paragraphs, bold text, italics, lists, etc), groups without tiles, footer to large, ...

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