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#1 12-06-2013 23:36:19

From: United States
Registered: 21-05-2013
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I broke my sidebar?

So I have not test the side bar since I started working on my site but its broke and I cant figure out what I changed or to fix it. When I click the tile it doesn't do anything, in the bottom left corner (on rollover) it shows that the link should be opening /panels/example.php

I set up another separate new site and the side bar works on it so its not my install zip files, so what I did was over write all the files with a new copy of everything I could think of for sidebar:


and its still not working im not using a custom tile either im using the default example one that came with the temp site.

    $tile[] = array(
"title"=>"Click to open a sidepanel",
"A sidepanel will come from the right, watch out!",
"Okay, and what you are watching now is a scroll live tile...",
"which can be very cool",
"to open a sidepanel, check this source code in tiles.php"),

my question is am I missing a file I should be over writing for a fresh start? or can anybody see a mistake in the default code?


#2 13-06-2013 09:05:46

From: Germany
Registered: 05-05-2013
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Re: I broke my sidebar?

Nope the code looks good, I use the same one.

This is strange, maybe it´s a error in the sidebar.php or panels/example.php, do you change anything in it?


#3 13-06-2013 12:44:30

Registered: 10-03-2013
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Re: I broke my sidebar?

You mean sidepanel (a sidebar is something different).

The right files for sidepanels are in plugins/pane/...

but you need to remove the external: from the URL of your tile argument.


#4 13-06-2013 21:01:02

From: United States
Registered: 21-05-2013
Posts: 37

Re: I broke my sidebar?

yes Thomas your right I was referring to the sidepanel I figured it out after painstakingly replacing every file untill it worked I was missing a line in my index page

line: 222<?php triggerEvent("bodyEnd");?>

I must of deleted it accidentally when I was editing my footer

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