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#1 15-03-2013 19:06:55

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Info about V4


while I'm preparing the alpha of V4 of the template, I'll give some additional info here.

You can check the current state of V4 here. I think it's almost ready for releasing a public test version, I just need to create the demo files smile

V4 is not compatibly with anything of V3. I know that's a bummer, but really, it's worth it. The whole underlying thing (including the tilegenerator) has been rewritten to support some fancy features like sidebars, sidepanels etc. This means there will be no upgrade package to easily ugprade from v3 to v4. Also, existing plugins from v3 won't work on V4, though I'll try to port them ASAP smile

Best regards, Thomas


#2 16-03-2013 10:38:51

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Re: Info about V4

Thomas wrote:

You can check the current state of V4 here.

Thomas, the link is not working ;-)



#3 16-03-2013 10:46:58

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Re: Info about V4

The link is (check the red announcement on top). At this moment it can change at any time as it is a work in progress wink

Good advice is often confusing, but example is always clear.


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