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#1 23-03-2013 00:32:57

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About SEO in v4

Hi Thomas,

Could you please elaborate -when you have some spare moment!- on how has SEO been improved in v4??

You might remember a threat in the previous forum about how SEO in v3 was not 'the best it could be' and it wasn't positioning one's site too efficiently in Google. You kindly explained the limitations of that setup and suggested some workarounds but also mentioned that in v4 this chapter would be greatly improved.

My personal dilemma continues to be the fact that I want to use MetroUI for replacing an existing website which is currently developed in WordPress. Albeit I am not a SEO expert, this framework, along with some clever plugins, has allowed me to position this website quite high in Google and I am worried that using MetroUI might relegate this positioning if MetroUI SEO capabilities are not 'as good as' the ones in WordPress.

Any thoughts about this anyone? Your input is really welcome!


#2 23-03-2013 00:55:59

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Re: About SEO in v4

In V4, much more "rendering" was done by javascript. For example, the submenus were made in javascript. This is because it first was a html/javascript-only tile thingy, but it grew to a complete template. Now in V4, much more is done by PHP and Google understands that better. In V3 some tricks were done to bypass the limitations but I think its more clean in V4.

The best way to experience how Google would index your site is by turning off javascript in your browser and visit V3: and V4:

Now I checked it btw, I've seen a small but important bug that should be easily fixable. (if you visit without javascript it'll give an error on some pages)


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