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#1 25-08-2013 17:41:10

From: Torun, Poland
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Links to anchors in V4


Is it possible to create link from one tile to anchor in same site (i.e. on homepage make link from tile to another tiles group)?
It was possible in V3 without problem because ID of tile groups where the same like names of groups but V4 uses groupTitleX IDs so if I'd try to link to #groupTitleX web engine shows me 'Page not Found' which is obvious. I can't find solution to that problem.

When I write sth like

$tile[] = array("type"=>"custom","group"=>0,"x"=>2,"y"=>3,"width"=>1,"height"=>1,"background"=>"#BBB","url"=>"#&amp;jezyk", "content"=>"<img src='img/arrows/arrowRight.png' style='margin-top:5px;margin-left:52px;padding-bottom:5px;' height='41' alt='Change language, Zmień język'/><h5 class='align-center' style='color: #000;'>Change language<br/>Zmień język</h5>"

where I want to go to 'jezyk' tile group "url"=>"#&amp;jezyk" doesn't work but when I refresh whole page (in URL there is #&jezyk) it refreshes in position of this group ('jezyk').

I think I tried everythink including gotolink, adding addidional div with ID &amp;jezyk, function makeLink etc. without results. Did I do sth wrong?

General question is: how to make link to specified anchor on same site/on pages/to other websites using tiles in V4?

Thank you!

PS. Does gotolink work properly in V4? I have doubts.
PPS. I made some changes in init.php adding in line 33 this code

if(strpos($l, "gotolink:")!==false)
	$lu = stripSpaces(strtolower(chars(str_replace("gotolink:", "", $l))));
	return $lu;

so 'gotolink:' now works (when you write "url"=>"gotolink:link.php"), but still it doesn't work when you add #anchor_name in URL sad .

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#2 09-06-2014 21:57:34

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Re: Links to anchors in V4

did you get an answer for this question?

i cannot position to a group until I refresh the page...
but on this site position to language group  on this Language tile group you will see a "Home page" Tile that moves the page very smoothly.


#3 09-06-2014 22:30:19

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Re: Links to anchors in V4


#4 10-06-2014 15:04:09

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Re: Links to anchors in V4

thanks.  you are the best.


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