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#1 24-11-2013 07:37:28

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MEtro UI as in an App for mobile devices

Hi Thomas and others,

we are using Metro UI since May ( and everything is running fine and people like the design of the page.

We are programming some APP´s for mobile devices. The way is, that most of the sides are in HTML, stored on a certain server and the App checks, whether there is a change on the server and loads the new side automatically....
So we don´t have to programme this in i.e. x-code and don´t have to make the updates via Apple-Approval.
Now I wanted to use the template in the App. Do you think that is possible? I´m not a programmer, but I tried it a little and it doesn`t work (the side wasn`t shown with tiles, only the text). So maybe you can tell me whether it make sense to work on that or not.
It´s clear that some effects don`t work with a toutchscreen, but it would be great to have the tile-look on this easy way imported to the App.

Thank you for a fast answer.



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