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#1 14-03-2014 18:12:47

Registered: 14-03-2014
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Sharepoint 2010 Intergration

I would like to run this type of website in SharePoint 2010. Has anyone done this? I can't figure out how to get PHP to work with SharePoint 2010. Thanks for any help.


#2 21-03-2014 15:49:37

From: Germany
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Re: Sharepoint 2010 Intergration

I don't know exactly what Sharepoint is for and how it works, but isn't it like content management? So if I'm understanding you right, you want to edit the tiles per GUI/in sharepoint with a surface to not to code piece for pice, or what? Let me know if you mean something else. If you mean that, I'm currently working on a windows application to easily create/edit tiles.


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