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#1 17-03-2014 13:50:51

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margin problems

Hi all,

First of all, great work with this web. I am trying to customize it to my needs and find some problems:

- In the buttoms at the top right, when the text is longer and it takes 2 lines, the size is different, how can i fix this?

- When adding a new GROUP, the space (margin) between the last one and the previous is not the same.

- Also I have some issues with special characteres (á é í ó ú) since my web is in spanish.

Sorry for my english and thanks in advance.


#2 17-03-2014 19:15:33

Registered: 10-03-2013
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Re: margin problems

You can set the space between groups in config/layout.php , $groupSpacing array.

Have you tried forcing the button height/width for the menu elements?


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