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#1 13-04-2013 22:01:49

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Example sidepanel

Perhaps it's a stupid question:

I want to use sidepanels and made changes to

- sidebar.php
- example.php

There are only effects to be seen which I have done in sidebar.php.
Changes in example.php have no effect :-(

Can somebody help me?

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#2 13-04-2013 23:38:54

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Re: Example sidepanel

First, let's make a test to see if the default workflow on how to change/edit the sidebar works for you:
We'll assume you have a default installation. Please use latest stable version of Chrome to view result of this test.
1) In config/sidebar.php there are two sidebars("an_example" and "some_info"). Add this code to the end of the file:

$sidebar["my_test_sidebar"] = array("pos"=>"left","size"=>2,"full_height"=>false/*<- this sets wether the sidebar should be the full page height or not*/,
	"tiles"=>array( /* Open the array of sidebar tiles */
"<div style='line-height:30px; margin-top:35px;'>
<div style='font-size:57px;line-height:30px;'>TEST</div>

	"load_plugins"=>array() /* Load plugins from the plugin folder so you can use tileplugins */

2)go to panels/example.php and replace this line:


with this line


Also, add more margin-top to the p tag (for example

<p style='margin-top:450px;'>See the source how we've put this sidebar in a panel!</p>

so it does not ends under the flip and accordion tiles...but this is optional for this test)

3) test the "some_info" sidebar by activating it from the navigation (by clicking on the tile in first group).

4) go to panels/example.php and replace this line:


with this line


5) test your "my_test_sidebar" sidebar by activating it from the navigation (by clicking on the tile in first group). The sidebar space should refresh (in case it does not, try Shift+F5) in case you did not close the webpage but anyway it should work.
I have tested this.

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