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#1 31-07-2014 19:41:52

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PHP - SQL in Tiles?!


i'm trying to echo the results of a MySQLi query in a tile...
But it doesn't work. When I do this and I refresh the page, the whole page disappears...

Can you help me out?

This is my query:

$select = $DB->query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM users WHERE rank = '1'");

How can i echo the result of this query in a tile?

Thanks in advance!

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#2 31-07-2014 22:10:53

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Re: PHP - SQL in Tiles?!

There are many ways to do that. The main idea is to prepare the content of the tile in a variable and then use the variable. For example in tiles.php:

$select = $DB->query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM users WHERE rank = '1'");
$content = "";
while($row = $select->fetch_assoc()){
    $content .= $row['username'] .' ';
$tile[] = array("group"=>0, "x"=>........., "text"=>$content);

If you get a blank page (no tiles), it means that there is an error somewhere.


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