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#1 05-08-2013 18:24:34

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Flip tile BUG in IE 11

After updating my IE from 10 to 11 I have a bug with flip tile.
on last version of IE it just making transparent not turning around like in Chrome or others. In new version it is turning, BUT now it's mirror reflection of tile big_smile take a look.

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#2 26-08-2013 12:54:20

From: Torun, Poland
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Re: Flip tile BUG in IE 11

I have IE 10 and none of tiles is flipping on your website neutral.

In Opera flip also doesn't work - I think issue is in CSS problems and I do not bother with that.

I do not see mirror reflection on your website but I also had same problem in V3 - I simply removed tile causing this problem and changed them to tileHoverEffectRight/Left (equivalent in V4 is tileslidefx)... You can't do everything if browsers producers don't do their apps in different standards...

I'm not able to install IE 11 so check your problem - I have W8.

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#3 26-08-2013 13:08:26

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Re: Flip tile BUG in IE 11

IE can't flip tiles. Doesn't support the right CSS properties...


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