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#1 17-09-2013 00:27:23

From: Poland
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Vertical scrolling issue

Hey, it's me again.

As my first website that use Metro UI template is a great success my sister asked me to do something similar for her.

I've changed scrolling for vertical and set header to stay visible all the time. That's the thing I have issue with. As header stays always on top, when you click menu button page scrolls down A BIT TOO FAR that header covers tilegroup title and about 1/3 of the first tile. It'd be much better if page would scroll to tilegroup title. Any idea of fixing this?


#2 17-09-2013 11:43:38

Registered: 10-03-2013
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Re: Vertical scrolling issue

Thanks for reporting.

To fix, open js/functions.js and go to line 76:

$("html, body").animate({"scrollTop":$("#groupTitle"+n).offset().top},scrollSpeed,function(){

replace by

$("html, body").animate({"scrollTop":$("#groupTitle"+n).offset().top-!scrollHeader*$("header").height()-10},scrollSpeed,function(){

There could be more issues with that combination, so please report them smile


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