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#1 26-09-2013 16:28:11

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Connection Reset from File Editor Change

Quick synopsis of problem...

Last night I edited my site with no problem (specifically: tiles.js).  This morning I tried to edit some more, but had the following occur:

  • Upon clicking "Save" the "Validating" message appears without change

  • When I tried refreshing the admin page (thinking it got stuck), I get a "Connection reset" error by firefox.

  • When I try to view the mainpage, I get the same error.

  • Closing and re-opening firefox (or using Chrome), gives the same error

  • Waiting about 45 sec to a minute, and I can see the site again.

I checked file permissions as per a suggestion in another thread, but this makes no difference (changed to 705 from 604).  Whats going on?  Thanks in advance for your help.

EDIT:  This must have been a server issue, because everything is working now.  Sorry.

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