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#1 14-11-2013 11:27:37

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Dynamic clock in a Tile

Hi all,

I try to find a way to insert a dynamic clock in a tile. For the moment, I found a solution to put it in the header of index.php, by putting a javascript code and call it with <div> tag.

This is my code :

[== Undefined ==]
<script language="javascript">
function clock()

    today = new Date();

	var hour = today.getHours();
	var mins = today.getMinutes();

	if (hour < 10)
		hour = "0" + hour;
	if (mins < 10)
		mins = "0" + mins;
    time = hour+":"+mins;
    setTimeout("clock()", 1000);
    document.getElementById("clock").innerHTML = time;


... and this is the <div> I used to insert the clock in the header of my index.php file :

[== Undefined ==]
<div id="clock">&nbsp;</div>

Well, could someone help me to make it works in a tile ?

This is my last attempt ; I put the javascript (mentioned) at the top of my tiles.php file and this is the code of my tile :

[== Undefined ==]
setlocale(LC_TIME, 'fr_FR.utf8','fra');
$date1 = strftime('%A');
$date2 = strftime('%d');
$date3 = strftime('%B');

$MyFunctionClock = '<div class="clock">'&nbsp;'</div>'; 

$tile[] = array("type"=>"simple","group"=>0,"x"=>2,"y"=>1,"width"=>1,"height"=>1,"background"=>"rgba(60, 60, 60, 0.0)","url"=>"",

	"title"=>"<span class='clock' style='font-size:32px;'>$MyFunctionClock</span>",

	"text"=>"<span style='font-size:18px;'>$date1<br> $date2 $date3",



By the way, the tile shows this result :

14 novembre

... not really I expected (the first line) !

Please, I need your kind help !

Thanks in advance,



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