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#1 24-04-2014 18:56:14

From: Colombia
Registered: 08-03-2014
Posts: 7

Consecutive Forms

Hi i need a way to make that a User registration form send me to another form where the detailed data is going to be and this second form have a background image so i can put elements in exact coordinates (if it can be done) all that i have is

[== Undefined ==]
<CENTER><h2>Registro de Usuario</h2></CENTER>
<div align=center class="group">
<form action= method="POST">

<br><label for="nombre">Nombre <span>(Requerido)</span></label>
<br><input type="text" name="nombre" class="form-input" required/>

<br><label for="email">Email <span>(Requerido)</span></label>
<br><input type="email" name="email" class="form-input" required/>

<br><label for="password">Contraseña <span>(Requerido)</span></label>
<br><input type="password" name="password" class="form-input" required/>

<br><label for="nick">Usuario <span>(Requerido)</span></label>
<br><input type="text" name="user" class="form-input" required/>
<br><input class="form-btn" name="submit" type="submit" value="Registrarme" />

But i can't figure how to send to the other sub page saving the data filled in here.
Also don't know how to put the background image to the "gray" zone in the subpage (if it can be done).

Excuse my english is not my native language. (Btw some of the code is in spanish)


#2 24-04-2014 19:08:38

Registered: 10-03-2013
Posts: 897

Re: Consecutive Forms

That's a quite extensive question. If you don't have any experience with post/get requets in PHP I think it's going to be quite hard. I can't explain everything here how to make forms. I'd suggest searching some tutorials to understand the principles.

Also, it will be probably easier if you put your form in an iframe (so get to next pages, because POST between subpages is not possible in this template) or use the static_subpage plugin.

And I don't understand the thing about the background tongue


#3 24-04-2014 22:02:13

From: Torun, Poland
Registered: 06-05-2013
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Re: Consecutive Forms

I created registration form using V3 of this template for conference. I used form declared as:

<form id="registration_form" action="pages/registration_proc.php?language=eng" method="post">

so after submitting the form all data was proceeded in different page which was not a subpage! Than after validating data I redirect user either:
-to subpage with registration in case of any error or...
-to different page after success.

So you will need at either:
-one subpage which contains whole code for form, validation of data, checking all steps of registration or...
-several (sub)pages, one for form, 2nd validation etc..

If you want everything to happen on single subpage without it being refreshed, I think you'll need frames like Thomas suggested - one frame is registration form, 2nd will be used for validation or whatever you want.

BG - do you mean that you don't want to have semitransparent BG of subpage and instead of it some image?


#4 25-04-2014 02:39:06

From: Colombia
Registered: 08-03-2014
Posts: 7

Re: Consecutive Forms

Thanks Thomas i actually am a beginner in web desing, i really apreciate some tutorials i'll start searching more deeply, and how do i work with iframe.
And chrismaliszewski got the idea on the BG, but if isnt possible then it won't be a problem.
Thanks a lot with the help.


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