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#1 06-06-2014 19:29:48

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where is tilegen

Hi everyone

i got some problem about i want to add <form> before <a> in tile but i really try to add it in inc/tilefunctions.php but it doesn't work
my tile :

$tile[] = array("type"=>"slide","group"=>1,"x"=>$x,"y"=>$y,'width'=>$width,'height'=>$fetch['height'],"background"=>"#000","url"=>"external:panels/info.php",
		"text"=>"<span style='color:#FFF;font-size:18px;'>{$fetch['name']}</span><br><span style='color:#2E9AFE;font-size:10px;'>{$fetch['merchant']}</span><br><span style='color:#FFF;font-size:15px;'>{$fetch['price']}฿ | {$fetch['pricetrue']}ทรู </span><br>คงเหลือ {$fetch['quantity']}",
		"slideDir"=>"right", // can be up, down, left or right

i don't know why type=>silde is not have in inc/tilefunctions.php can anyone tell me where is that tilegen setting
*sorry for bad english


#2 06-06-2014 20:16:36

From: Torun, Poland
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Re: where is tilegen

All files related to slide tile are in plugins/tileslide directory.

One more time, what do you want to do? You want to have form inside a tile? With submitting button or link? Your code will only display span inside a tile, not form. Sorry but I can't see your point / I don't know what you mean.

Off-topic: Imo all tiles should have their code in plugins/ in next version of template - they shouldn't be devided to "couple" (2) catalogues (inc/ & plugins/).

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