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#1 16-07-2014 15:06:46

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SEO - escapefragment


According to google developers....

Your site should always use the #! syntax in all URLs that have adopted the AJAX crawling scheme. Googlebot will not follow hyperlinks in the _escaped_fragment_ format.

Does this mean that using _escaped_fragment_ is a waste of time for SEO?   I am really trying to find a way to add titles, descriptions, keywords unique to each page.   I thought we had accomplished that given that googlebot would search the _scaped_fragment format.  This does not appear to be the case.  If we stick with #! syntax, we are not doing SEO properly right? 

(check my code changes in my prior post thread)

What do you think?

See Google FAQ Link: … tousewhich


#2 27-07-2014 18:03:34

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Re: SEO - escapefragment

I've followed that Google FAQ when building the website smile

The google crawler will change every #! in a link into ?_escaped_fragment_= . That's all. The metro template serves all links as normal with #! and google bot will call the ?_escaped_fragment_= page and index that, but it'll use the #! in the search results.

To check if that's working, you can try to do it manually on your site. Open a subpage and then change the #! in ?_escaped_fragment_=
The same content should be displayed. The layout is a bit messed up but that doesn't matter much since it's all about the content. Navigating on that page won't work but that's normal. (the google bot will interpret it right smile )


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