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#1 31-05-2013 05:37:56

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Simple tile with Title with image background

Hi all,
Can anyone advise if it is possible to use a Simple title with text-based Title, but rather than specify the tile background colour, instead use a image as a background? Alternatively, is it possible to specify the background colour and then overlay a transprent PNG as a background? I am trying to add Application Icon's to accompany the text titles on my Simple Tiles.

Image attached of what I'm trying to achieve below.

Many thanks,



#2 01-06-2013 21:57:43

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Re: Simple tile with Title with image background

The "background" argument of a tile just works as a standard css background argument. So you can use the normal syntax. For example:

"#F60 url('img/img3.jpg') no-repeat"

Which will have the background color #F60 and use the image img/img3.jpg .

To define the position (here it's centered in the middle by using 50% 50%):

"#F60 url('img/img3.jpg') no-repeat 50% 50%"

To resize the background image (here it's resized to 20x20px)
"#F60 url('img/img3.jpg') no-repeat 50% 50% / 20px 20px"


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