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#1 03-06-2013 19:30:52

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Two more questions...

So I got my last problem sorted out (the can't edit the one particular file). But I'm still kind of new to web programming and such so I hope you guys can help me out.
So now that I'm soon finished with my Metro webpage, I was wondering how I can make the metro page the front page of my website.
I've had it in a directory which is located in the root /metro when I've built my webpage. So.. yea. I want it to appear when people write in their browser.
The other question is simply what is the username and password for the admin page? smile
Thanks for the help guys!
And thanks for the awesome template Thomas!
EDIT: Found the config file for the admin page.
But I still need an answer for the other one!

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#2 03-06-2013 20:51:44

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Re: Two more questions...

1 of 2 ways this can happen

1) If your hosting your files on the same server as your .com your site should direct your visitors right to your index page but it needs to be in the root folder not root/metro. In your case right now you will have to make a "Welcome" type page and call it index.html and have a link to the /metro/index.php page


2) If your like me and your .com and host are separate (I buy my .com and web hosting from 2 different companys) you have to login to what ever your .com company site is (mine is godaddy) and have your .com forward with mask to your The forward with mask makes it so when people type your web address in and it forwards it still shows instead of <-- or some long address.

I hope that helps kind of alot of explanation if your new smile


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